Jiao Tong University SCE

Thousands of students from virtually every Nation around the globe have benefited hugely from having followed lectures at Jiao Tong University SCE. Many of them have earned a valuable Jiao Tong University SCE certificate that has helped them in their careers or enriched their personal life.

Jiao Tong University SCE lecturers are professional teachers and/or experts in their particular field of expertise and bring to the program not only a high level of academic knowledge, but also the knowledge and skills that can be gained only through years of practical work experience.

Jiao Tong University SCE

Shanghai Jiao Tong University SCE is one of Chinaʼs oldest universities, with a history of more than 120 years. It is one of the most influential and respected academic institutions in China. Jiao Tong University SCE features consistently within the 'Top 5' out of more than 2,200 Universities and colleges in China.

Distance Learning,
Online Courses

Ideal for students who work irregular hours, who live far away or, indeed, for overseas students. You can set your own time table and follow the lectures during the day, night or at any time that suits you. And after passing the requisite exams, you will still be rewarded with a valuable Jiao Tong University SCE Certificate to enhance your CV.

The intrinsic value of a Jiao
Tong University SCE Certificate

Upon completing a course and passing the relevant examination, successful students are eligible for the coveted Jiao Tong University SCE certificate duly signed and stamped by the university and the Dean or Vice Dean.
For qualifying TEFL students (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) the certificate is proof of qualification to teach by TEFL standards.

Specially Designed Courses

Individuals or Corporations may request special courses to be designed. Jiao Tong University SCE has a large number of specialist Professors and Lecturers in many disciplines at their disposal. The minimum number of students for special courses is 8. Enquire now!


Many of our students have expressed their satisfaction with the courses they followed. Here is a sampling of some of them. We are confident that you will be happy too.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine At the Traditional Chinese medicine course, you will learn a great deal about various healing methods, including the medicinal properties of herbs and compound TCM recipes, with a proven efficacy of thousands of years.

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